Poldark 1970s Photo Gallery

This is a gallery of photographs taken in 1976/77 when we came upon the filming of the second series of Poldark. Most of the photographs were taken at Botallack, near Pendeen, Cornwall, but a number of other related scenes have been added.

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ŠAll photographs by C. P. Antrobus (unless otherwise stated)

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Ross and Demelza Poldark - Holiday Cottage StIves   Ross and Demelza Poldark - Holiday Cottage StIves   The Poldark residence - Nampara   Winston Graham, author of the Poldark books - Holiday Cottage StIves

Ross and Demelza


Ross and Demelza- 

Robin Ellis and Angharad Rees


Nampara - Botallack Manor Farm


Winston Graham, the author of the Poldark books, on set

One of  "The Crowns" at Botallack   Poldar - Zacky Martin   The Poldark Set   Ross and Demelza Poldark

Mine at Botallack


Zacky Martin - Forbes Collins


The set


Ross and Demelza

Cape Cornwall   Poldark scene - The Crowns at Botallack   Poldark - Dwight Enys   Ross and Demelza Poldark

At Cape Cornwall


Another view of the mines at Botallack


Dwight Enys in the second series - Michael Cadman


Ross and Demelza posing for a promotional photo

Poldark Location - Port Quin   Ross and Demelza Poldark - Robin Ellis and Angharad Rees   Poldark Rehearsal 1970s   Poldark Set 1970s

Port Quin


Robin Ellis, ever the gentleman, escorting his lady off set


A scene rehearsal


The set

Poldark Author - Winston Graham   Poldark - Dwight Enys - second 1970s series   Christopher Cazenove at Poldark set   The 1970s Poldark set

Another shot of Winston Graham


Dwight Enys


The late Christopher Cazenove - the then husband of Angharad Rees


Wagonway constructed on set

1970s Poldark set   View from Cape Cornwall   Poldark - Sam Carne   Poldark - Trenwith - Godolphin House

Ross, on set


At Cape Cornwall


Sam Carne - David Delve leaving the set


Trenwith - actually Godolphin House, now a National Trust property

Poldark - The entrance to Trenwith - Godolphin House   Poldark - Dwight Enys's cottage   Poldark set in its setting   Poldark - Zacky Martin

The entrance to Trenwith


Dwight's cottage


A distant view of the set


Zacky Martin 

Poldark - Mine stack   Ross and Demelza Poldark   Nampara - Ross and Demelza's home   Poldark - preparing for a take

Mine Stack


Ross and Demelza walking off set




Actors preparing for their take

Nampara - AKA Botallack Manor Farm   Poldark - The Crowns at Botallack   Mine adit - the set of Poldark   Poldark set dressing - 1970s



"The Crowns" at Botallack

  The mine adit from which the miners escaped - the location is the small indentation to the right of the path in the preceding photograph   Set dressing
    Wheal Owles, Botallack, "dressed" to represent Wheal Leisure for the Poldark 2015 TV series.    


Wheal Owles in 2014 - dressed as Wheal Leisure for Poldark 2015   Wheal Owles in 2014, dressed as Wheal Leisure for Poldark filming
Wheal Owles in the 1970s       Wheal Owles as "Wheal Leisure"   Wheal Owles as "Wheal Leisure"
The Loe Bar   St Michael's Mount   St Michaels Mount   At Cape Cornwall
The sea throwing itself on the Loe Bar near Porthleven   St. Michael's Mount   St Michael's Mount   Cape Cornwall
At Cape Cornwall   The Crowns at Botallack   At Botallack   Botallack Sunset
Cape Cornwall   The Crowns   Derelict mine at Botallack   Sunset - Botallack

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